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deep purple coloured amethyst crystal designed as a ladies pendant in sterling silverAmethyst Pendant | Stone Mania
deep purple coloured amethyst crystal designed as a ladies pendant in sterling silver
deep purple coloured amethyst crystal necklace pendant crafted in sterling silver
amethyst quartz necklace pendant crafted in fine sterling silver

Amethyst Pendant

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Amethyst Crystal Necklace Pendant


Highly translucent amethyst crystal with exceptional colour mounted as a ladies pendant in fine sterling silver.  The lower section of this stone is so clear that it could almost be mistaken for coloured glass.  When held up towards a bright light the true magnificence of this purple quartz becomes even more apparent.  If you're looking for a special amethyst pendant this piece certainly won't disappoint.

Amethyst has long been prized for its rich purple colour which throughout history has been considered to be a symbol of wealth, status and power.  Even today the colour purple is looked upon as being regal and slightly more exclusive.  Prior to 1856 purple could only be produced using natural dyes which is one of the main reasons why it was so rare.  During the reign of King Henry VIII sumptuary laws were introduced for different classes in society which documented who was permitted to wear purple coloured fabrics.

When using crystals for healing amethyst supports the emotional body helping those who are overworked and stressed out to come back into alignment.  It helps to ease anxiety which leads to tension and headaches and is a crystal of calmness and relaxation. Amethyst is perfect for those who are hot headed or easily irritated or frustrated.

This hand-made amethyst crystal pendant comes in a stylish pouch that will help protect the gemstone whilst also minimising any build-up of tarnish on the sterling silver.  It's being offered for sale at a slightly reduced price because the setting was not hallmarked.  The silver is stamped with a 925 sterling silver hallmark once all workmanship has been completed but on this occasion was missed.  We only use sterling silver for our collection of necklace pendants and always have done.

Amethyst should always be positioned or stored somewhere cool and dark because over time heat and bright sunlight will cause its colour to fade.  

Weight (grams) : 20.4
Size (cms) : 4.1 x 2.6 x 1




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