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dinosaur bone pendant crafted in sterling silverDinosaur Bone Pendant | Stone Mania
dinosaur bone pendant crafted in sterling silver
dinosaur bone pendant crafted in sterling silver
dinosaur bone pendant crafted in sterling silver

Dinosaur Bone Pendant

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Dinosaur GemBone Pendant


Dinosaur bone is a unique material that was formed through a process known as permineralisation.  This is a process of fossilization whereby minerals such as agate, quartz and pyrite replace the organic tissue in the original bone structure whilst the cell walls remain largely intact.  A second process known as petrifaction took place simultaneously and petrified wood aka fossilised wood is another material that went through this same process.  The word petrifaction comes from Ancient Greek and literally translated means "wood turned into stone".

What actually happened is groundwater containing dissolved minerals filled spaces and voids in the bone (or wood) and as the water slowly dried out, just the minerals were left behind. 

Dinosaur bone is also sometimes referred to as agatized dinosaur bone or just dino bone.  This distinctive and unique material is rarely used for lapidary purposes so it's unusual to find it cut as a cabochon.  This is one stone that will certainly make a great topic of conversation. 

To see more of the detail in this dinosaur bone pendant drop by our page on Flickr where you'll find the photo in its original size. 

Weight (grams) : 26.7
Size (cms) : 4.9 x 3.9 x 0.7




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