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aquamarine gemstone pendant in a sterling silver settingAquamarine Pendant | Stone Mania
aquamarine gemstone pendant in a sterling silver setting
aquamarine gemstone pendant in a sterling silver setting
aquamarine gemstone pendant in a sterling silver setting

Aquamarine Pendant

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Aquamarine Cabochon Ladies Pendant


Aquamarine ladies pendant featuring a beautiful polished cabochon.  Although translucent this stone is heavily included which is not unusual for this blue variety of the mineral beryl.  The vertical line that can be seen just right of centre is a surface reating fissure within the stone and there are several others that can also be seen upon closer inspection.  These characteristics should not be confused for cracks.  In nature perfection rarely exists and it's often the anomalies and oddities which make each gemstone particularly unique.

Aquamarine is part of the family of minerals known as beryl.  Other varieties include emerald, morganite, heliodor and the lesser known goshenite.

Aquamarine is birthstone for the month of March, it's a relatively hard stone which grades 7½ to 8 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness.  The finest grade material can be extremely expensive, tends to be faceted and prices are calculated according to carat weight.

Aquamarine can vary from the deepest shades of green to the lightest shades of blue and impurities of iron are the cause of its colour.  Few people are aware that the light blue coloured stones which are the most highly sought after have often been heat treated

Mounted in a hand crafted sterling silver setting, this is a beautiful aquamarine pendant that comes in its own gift pouch that will help protect the gemstone and help minimise the build-up of tarnish.

See more of the detail in this aquamarine pendant in the original sized photo on our Flickr page.       

Weight (grams) : 22.5
Size (cms) : 2.8 x 3.9 x 1




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