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amethyst crystal pendant crafted in sterling silver
amethyst crystal pendant crafted in sterling silver
amethyst crystal pendant crafted in sterling silver
amethyst crystal pendant crafted in sterling silver

Amethyst Pendant

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Weight (grams) : 22.9
Size (cms) : 3.9 x 2.8 x 1.1
Product Code: BSAP



Translucent Amethyst Crystal Pendant


Highly translucent amethyst pendant crafted entirely by hand in a simple sterling silver setting.  This piece is being offered for sale at a reduced price because the shape of the stone and subsequently the sterling silver setting, is not perfectly symmetrical.  It was brought to our attention when we chose this cabochon but we loved the stone and many things in nature aren't perfect.

The colour in this amethyst crystal is wonderfully subtle but it captured our attention because it's a perfect example from a geological perspective, of how amethyst forms.  During the very early stages of its formation the colourless quartz crystal is contaminated with traces of iron.  At some later point its exposed to radiation which causes the iron to change colour but in nature, things don't always go to plan. The process from start to finish takes millions of years and sufficient amounts of iron need to be present to create uniform colour. 

The colour in the finest grade of amethyst is well saturated and uniform throughout but that's not easy to find because this variety of quartz is prone to colour zoning.  This term refers to the fact that different shades of colour will often be present within the same crystal and chevron amethyst is the most extreme example.

The subtle wisps of purple in this amethyst gemstone show what happens when only small amounts of iron are present within the crystal structure.  When most people think of the mineral amethyst they expect to see a distinctively purple stone and because it's so readily available, the process that takes place in order for this to happen is sometimes taken for granted.  

The fact that this amethyst gemstone is still largely colourless actually makes the stone less valuable but in our eyes, it's a perfect example of Mother Nature's artwork.  When held up towards the light even more detail can be seen.  In our second photo you can also see a small section of iridescence.  




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