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round amethyst pendant featuring a small bulbous shaped cabochon gemstoneAmethyst Pendant | Stone Mania
round amethyst pendant featuring a small bulbous shaped cabochon gemstone
sterling silver ladies pendant featuring a bulbous amethyst crystal cabochon
round amethyst pendant featuring a rich purple coloured crystal

Amethyst Pendant

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Amethyst Crystal Pendant


Ladies amethyst quartz pendant featuring a small bulbous shaped crystal.  This fine grade cabochon gemstone has been mounted in a hand-made sterling silver setting.

The deep shade of purple means this amethyst crystal can look quite dark when not illuminated from behind but when held up towards the light, its just magnificent.  Crystals of this variety of quartz exhibit a vitreous lustre which gives them an appearance and texture that's often compared to glass.  Lustre is a term used to describe the way that light interacts with the surface of a rock or mineral.

Amethyst which is the birthstone for the month of February is widely used in holistic therapies such as crystal healing.  Its history as a gemstone can be traced back thousands of years.  Its remarkable colour and the fact that it changes when exposed to heat was first documented by the Ancient Greek philosopher and successor to Aristotle, Theophrastus.  

This amethyst crystal pendant has been crafted by hand by one of a small team of artisans with whom we have been working for almost twenty years.  The stone really is quite magnificent and is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who loves this style of jewellery.  

Weight (grams) : 16.3
Size (cms) : 2.5 in diameter x 1.5




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