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amethyst crystal mounted as a ladies pendant in sterling silverAmethyst Pendant | Stone Mania
amethyst crystal mounted as a ladies pendant in sterling silver
amethyst cabochon mounted as a ladies pendant in sterling silver
amethyst crystal mounted as a necklace pendant in sterling silver

Amethyst Pendant

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Amethyst Crystal Pendant Jewellery


Magnificent purple coloured amethyst crystal with a subtle wisp of blue. This gorgeous cabochon gemstone has been crafted as a ladies pendant in a hand-made setting of fine sterling silver.

For an amethyst to be classified as AAA grade the colour must be uniform throughout but this quality is rare because the crystals are prone to colour zoning.  This term is used when different colours or shades of colour occur within the same crystal and chevron amethyst is one of the most extreme examples.  The uneven spread of colour is mostly caused by changes in temperature which in amethyst can affect the amount of iron and manganese that's present.  Impurities of these two minerals are the primary cause of the purple colouration.

Amethyst is one of the most popular varieties of the mineral quartz whose properties are valued by those who use crystals for healing.  As well as being exceptionally calming and soothing amethyst aids psychic and spiritual development.  Due to the presence of manganese it's used to combat stress related headaches and a cluster of crystals in the home or office can block geopathic stress and negative energy.

Although amethyst cabochons can initially appear to be a little dark, when illuminated from behind the true magnificence of the crystal quickly becomes apparent.  Despite the fact that colour zoning can affect the value of a fine grade gemstone, we find this characteristic quite fascinating and believe it adds a great deal of character.  One of the first things we do when choosing these cabochons is to hold them up towards the light to marvel at a crystal structure that's taken millions of years to evolve.

This hand-made amethyst pendant comes in a colourful gift pouch that will help protect the gemstone whilst also minimising any build-up of tarnish on the sterling silver.

Amethyst should always be positioned or stored somewhere cool and dark because over time heat and bright sunlight will cause the colour to fade.  

Weight (grams) : 16.9
Size (cms) : 3.3 x 2.5 x 1.1 




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