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polished brown tigers eye stoneTigers Eye Mineral | Stone Mania
polished brown tigers eye stone
polished brown tigers eye stone
polished brown tigers eye stone

Tigers Eye

Product Code: SBCT



Tigers Eye Stone from South Africa


This tigers eye stone exhibits slight chatoyance and is wonderfully tactile making it a great piece for those who love handling polished rocks and minerals.

Tigers eye which is also known as tiger eye is relatively hard which makes it particularly suitable for lapidary purposes.  A distinctive variety of quartz which comes primarily from Western Australia and South Africa, it's popular with rock and mineral collectors and when used as a gemstone is cut as a cabochon.

In Ancient Rome soldiers believed tigers eye to be a powerful amulet because it was said to be an all seeing eye hence offered protection and today in crystal healing it's still used for protection.

Weight (grams) : 50.3
Size (cms) : 5.5 x 3 x 1.8




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