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rare sugilite mineral polished sphereSugilite Sphere | Stone Mania
rare sugilite mineral polished sphere
rare sugilite mineral polished sphere
rare sugilite mineral polished sphere

Sugilite Sphere

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Sugilite Stone Sphere


Highly polished fine grade sugilite cut from stone from the Kalahari Manganese Fields, Northern Cape, South Africa.  A wonderfully tactile, medium sized sphere that makes a beautiful display piece.  

The Kalahari Manganese Field is the largest known manganese deposit on Earth.  It sits amongst well preserved sedimentary rocks more than two billion years old.  The vast majority of the world's sugilite comes from this location but in recent years it has become exceptionally rare.  The stone is named after the Japanese petrologist Ken-ichi Sugi who initially discovered it in 1944. 

The deep reddish purple colour in this sugilite sphere is caused by small amounts of manganese.  The colour of sugilite can vary however depending on the minerals present.  The very finest grade known as gel sugilite has a dark purple to violet colour and stones are translucent.  It comes primarily from the Wessels mine in the Kuruman district of the Northern Cape but is completely mined out. 

The mineral sugilite is becoming rarer by the day and it's not known for how long it will remain within the grasp of the average collector or enthusiast.

We used a different background for our third photo because with this side of the sugilite sphere being such a deep colour, we were able to capture it more accurately. 

Weight (grams) : 513
Size (cms) : 6.5 (in diameter)




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