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polished sugilite spherePolished Sugilite Sphere | Stone Mania
polished sugilite sphere
polished sugilite mineral sphere
sugilite stone sphere

Sugilite Sphere

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Rare Sugilite Mineral Sphere


A gorgeous sugilite sphere with unmistakable colour and striking markings.  Most of the world's sugilite and certainly the finest grade material comes from the Northern Cape in South Africa.  The area which is estimated to be approximately two billion years old is now producing less of this highly sought after mineral than ever before.  As a result the supply chain is drying up and prices are at an all time high.  Even for those with money to spend it's still exceptionally difficult to find large or fine grade sugilite. 

The colour of sugilite is caused primarily by the chemical element manganese a metal that's widely used as an alloy in industry and in particular for stainless steel.  Shades of colour can vary considerably depending on the amount of manganese and other minerals present. 

We currently only have a small selection of sugilite in our collection and finding new pieces is becoming increasingly difficult.

Weight (grams) : 231.2
Size (cms) : 5.1 (in diameter)




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