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large rough rhodochrosite mineral on rock matrixRhodochrosite Rock | Stone Mania
large rough rhodochrosite mineral on rock matrix
large rough rhodochrosite mineral on rock matrix
large rhodochrosite rough mineral


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Large Rhodochrosite from Kalahari Manganese Field


An impressive mineral weighing in at over two kilos, this impressive rhodochrosite features rich pink coloured crystals and comes from the Kalahari Manganese Field, Northern Cape, South Africa.  It ended up in our collection following a visit to one of our suppliers in South Africa who had just returned from a trip to this region and couldn't resist showing it to us.  Although we were actually looking for something completely different, we couldn't resist taking this magnificent mineral.

The Kalahari Manganese Field sits in well preserved sedimentary rocks over 2.2 billion years old.  It is without doubt one of the geological wonders of the world and is the largest known land based manganese deposit on Earth.  The area was made famous when rhodochrosite was originally found there in 1963.

To zoom in even closer to this rhodochrosite mineral drop by our page on Flickr where you'll find one of our original sized photographs.

Weight (grams) : 2040
Size (cms) : 15 x 12.5 x 6.6




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