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rough pieces of the mineral blue calcite
rough pieces of the mineral blue calcite
rough pieces of orange calcite
rough pieces of orange calcite

Orange Calcite

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Vibrant Orange Calcite Crystals


Colourful orange calcite stones with a waxy to vitreous lustre.

In its purest form the mineral calcite is white but the presence of impurities causes a wide variety of different colours. On Mohs scale of mineral hardness calcite grades 3 so it's a surprisingly soft stone that must be handled carefully.

In crystal healing orange calcite is said to be highly energizing and cleansing and can be used to help balance one's emotions. It removes fear and helps overcome depression by dissolving problems hence enabling you to reach your maximum potential.

These orange calcite crystals have an exceptionally smooth texture and their vibrant orange colour makes them ideal to leave out on display.  They're popular with rock and mineral collectors of all ages and come in a handy protective pouch. 

Being rough chunks of orange calcite the shape, weight and size does vary from piece to piece.  They are however a medium to large sized stone. 


Save 10% on 5 Rough Orange Calcite Crystals or 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams) : 18 - 70
Size Range (cms) : 3.2 -5.3




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