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pyrite mineral cluster
pyrite mineral cluster
pyrite mineral cluster
medium sized iron pyrite cluster

Pyrite Cluster

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Weight (grams) : 158.6
Size (cms) : 6.2 x 4.7 x 3.5
Product Code: PPTV



Pyrite Mineral Cluster


Although the front aspect of this pyrite mineral is full of cube-shaped crystals there's also many more on the back, sides and underneath.  On the larger cubes distinctive striations can be seen which is a typical characteristic of this mineral and another feature that helps distinguish pyrite from gold.  Cube-shaped crystals are one of the most common and simplest shapes found in rocks and minerals.

Despite the initial resemblance caused by the similarity in colour, pyrite is not quite as yellow as gold and is also lighter in weight.  Gold has more density so is about one and a half times heavier.

The name pyrite originates from the words pyritēs lithos meaning stone or mineral which strikes fire. When struck against some metals it sparks and from one tiny spark ancient man was able to create fire.

Pyrite is a chemical compound of iron and sulphur so is correctly described as an iron sulphide mineral.  Despite containing iron it's not used as an ore because the iron is too difficult to extract.

An outstanding piece of pyrite that will not disappoint.  When handling this mineral care must be taken because despite being relatively hard it's also brittle so will shatter quite easily.  




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