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rough green malachite mineral specimenMalachite Mineral | Stone Mania
rough green malachite mineral specimen
rough malachite mineral specimen
rough green malachite mineral specimen


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Majestic Malachite from South Africa


A superb piece of malachite mined in South Africa, meticulously chosen by one of the team at Stone Mania. 

Malachite is a soft and fragile mineral so finding rough pieces that are in good condition can be a challenge.  On Mohs scale of mineral hardness malachite grades just 3½ to 4.

A popular lapidary material that's usually polished as a cabochon, malachite must be handled carefully and be protected from moisture.  Its distinctive colour and markings help with its identification and some of the world's finest material comes from Africa and in particular the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Although we do a significant amount of our buying in South Africa finding reasonably priced specimens that are undamaged is no easy task and pieces like this are often quickly scooped up by mineral collectors and dealers as soon as they become available.

This piece of malachite would make a great display piece but should be handled as little as possible.  

Weight (grams) : 700
Size (cms) : 25 x 11.5 x 7.5




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