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light green coloured fluorite rough chunkGreen Fluorite | Stone Mania
light green coloured fluorite rough chunk
light green coloured chunk of fluorite

Green Fluorite

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Highly Translucent Light Green Fluorite


The subtle green colour in this curiously translucent piece of fluorite sits mostly towards one end of the stone.

The mineral fluorite which is also known as fluorspar is widely used in industry.  It occurs in shades of red, purple, green and yellow but can be found in almost any colour at all.  When free from trace elements or impurities of other minerals fluorite is colourless and transparent.  It's well known for exhibiting different zones of colour within the same crystal which make it particularly popular as a lapidary material.  With that said, it is a relatively soft and fragile stone so must be handled carefully. 

Fluorite is a relatively common mineral that's mined throughout the world.  Stones which exhibit zones of colour tend to be known as Rainbow Fluorite.  It often occurs with other metallic minerals and surprisingly is usually part of the gangue material or waste product.

Weight (grams) : 128.4
Size (cms) : 6.7 x 3.3




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