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a pile of rough green aventurine quartz stones Rough Green Aventurine | Stone Mania
a pile of rough green aventurine quartz stones
eight rough green aventurine stones
line of three rough green aventurine stones

Green Aventurine

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Rough Green Aventurine Quartz Crystals


Large green aventurine stones that could almost be large chunks of sugar coated candy but you definitely don't want to be biting down on one of these.  Their distinctive appearance is caused by platy inclusions which give them a sparkly or glistening appearance which sadly cannot be fully appreciated in a photo.  The term "platy" is used to describe inclusions of other minerals which are small and flat hence shaped like a plate.  Platy inclusions often have a flaky appearance and the reflection of light is what gives the stone its sparkly appearance.  This optical phenomenon is correctly known as aventurescence.

Aventurine is a variety of quartz which occurs in many colours including green, red, pink, orange, blue, grey and white.  Impurities of other minerals is the reason for the different coloured stones but to bring about a change in colour they must be present in great abundance.  The rich green colour in these aventurine stones is the result of inclusions of the mineral fuchsite (fook-site) which is a chromium-rich mica.

Some argue that because of the large percentage of other minerals present in aventurine quartz it would be more accurate to refer to it as a rock not a mineral.

These fine grade green aventurine stones come in a protective gift pouch and make a great for kids who love crystals rocks and minerals.

In the metaphysical world green aventurine heals the heart and enables spiritual growth.  It's a stone for strength and confidence which encourages you to leave your comfort zone in search of a new adventure or to just move on in life.  It eases stress caused by doubt and uncertainty and encourages you to enjoy all things beautiful that life has to offer.  Green aventurine is a stone of prosperity whose soothing energy brings balance both physically and emotionally.  Its ultimate aim is peace, contentment and harmony.

These rough chunks of green aventurine are a medium to large sized stone.  Exact weights and sizes do vary slightly from piece to piece.   


Save 10% on 5 Rough Green Aventurine Stones or 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams) : 15 - 32 
Size Range (cms) : 2.4 - 4.3




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