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medium sized pyrite nugget natural mineral
medium sized pyrite nugget natural mineral
iron pyrite nugget natural mineral
medium sized pyrite nugget natural mineral

Pyrite Nugget

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Weight (grams) : 172
Size (cms) : 5.7 x 4.9
Product Code: IPYN



Pyrite Mineral aka Fools Gold


The front of this pyrite nugget sparkles beautifully as it catches the light which it does at almost every angle.  Also known as fools gold, this name came about because this brassy yellow coloured mineral is often confused for gold but a simple test will quickly dispel any confusion.  If you strike a piece of pyrite with a hammer it will shatter but do the same to a nugget of gold and you'll simply squash it.  The colour of the streak in the two minerals is also different, in pyrite it's greenish black whilst in gold it's yellow.  Streak is the colour of a mineral in powdered form and stones can be tested by using a streak plate which is an unglazed piece of porcelain.  

Pyrite is a popular and well known natural mineral with a distinctive metallic lustre and brassy yellow hue.  It can be found in many geological environments and comes in several different forms.  Despite being quite hard and grading 6 to 6½ on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, it is very brittle.

Pyrite also known as iron pyrite is especially popular with younger rock and mineral collectors because of its curious similarity to gold.  When compared side by side the colour of gold is much richer and gold is also heavier.  The name pyrite originates from the Greek word for fire but in Ancient Rome the word pyrite was used for many different types of stone all of which created sparks when struck against steel.

Pyrite is a chemical compound of iron and sulphur so is correctly described as an iron sulphide mineral.  Despite containing iron it's not used as an ore because the iron is too difficult to extract.




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