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two rose quartz terminated points
two rose quartz terminated points
two rose quartz terminated points

Rose Quartz Terminated Points

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Weight (grams) : (1) 45.3 (2) 41
Size (cms) : (1) 5 x 2.2 (2) 5 x 2
Product Code: UXLO



Rose Quartz Terminated Points


Two beautiful rose quartz terminated points available to buy as a pair or individually.  This popular variety of quartz is used primarily for decorative purposes and is particularly popular for use in conjunction with crystal healing.

Rose quartz occurs in massive form which is a term used to describe the external shape of an individual crystal or group of crystals.  A crystal whose habit is massive is shapeless and has no visible external crystal shape.  Although both are often described as rose quartz, pink quartz which does occur with individual crystals is a slightly different mineral because its colour is formed through a different process. Pink quartz as it's generally known to distinguish it from the pink variety of quartz that most people are familiar with is also much rarer.

In alternative therapies particularly crystal healing, rose quartz is well known as being a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace.  As well as attracting love it opens the heart chakra to healing and forgiveness and can bring support and understanding into an existing relationship.

The shade of pink in rose quartz can vary considerably and it's also sensitive to light.  Although it's always tempting to place crystals on or close to a sunny window sill, if left exposed for long periods of time the tantalizing pink colour of rose quartz will fade. 

These two polished rose quartz terminated points may be purchased together or individually.  The shade of pink is almost identical in the two crystals but they have different patterns.  The rose quartz termintaed point on the left is number 1 in the dropdown list.




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