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rainbow fluorite terminated crystal
rainbow fluorite terminated crystal
rainbow fluorite terminated crystal
rainbow fluorite terminated point

Rainbow Fluorite Crystal

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Weight (grams) : 44.9
Size (cms) : 5.2 x 2.2
Product Code: FLXT



Colourful Rainbow Fluorite Crystal


A beautiful rainbow fluorite terminated crystal with wonderful zones of colour.  Fluorite is known as "the most colourful mineral in the world" because of the wide variety of colours in which it occurs.  Colour is determined by a number of factors but primarily impurities present in the crystal structure and exposure to radiation.  Being translucent the colour and zoning is most visible when fluorite is held up towards the light.  

It's worth noting that rainbow fluorite crystals are extremely fragile so it's not unusual for them to have very minor nicks or indentations.  All of the pieces featured in our collection have been individually and meticulously chosen by the team at Stone Mania. 

Although shades of red, purple, green, blue and yellow are most commonly seen in rainbow fluorite it can occur in almost any colour and can also be colourless which it is in its purest form.

Fluorite grades 4 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness which is a scale that measures the scratch resistance of one mineral against another.  Being very fragile it's important to be mindful about where free-standing fluorite points are positioned.  Should one be knocked over it's highly likely some form of damage will occur.




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