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snow quartz tumbled stones
snow quartz tumbled stones
snow quartz crystals
snow quartz tumbled stones

Snow Quartz Crystals

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Milky Quartz Tumbled Stones


Snow quartz correctly known as milk or milky quartz is one of the most common varieties of quartz and can be found in almost every rock type.  Its chemical composition is no different to other varieties of quartz and its greyish white colour and/or cloudy appearance is caused by microscopic impurities of fluids that became embedded within the crystal during the early stages of its formation.  In its purest form quartz is colourless and transparent but a wide variety of different impurities causes the mineral to change colour.  An example is amethyst whose purple colour is caused primarily by impurities of iron and manganese.  Were it not for the impurities snow quartz would actually be clear quartz. 

Milky quartz can often be found as phantoms within other quartz minerals particularly colourless and translucent varieties.  Some would describe it as being an imperfect stone because its cloudy appearance spoils what could otherwise be an almost perfect crystal.

Snow quartz is a trade name mostly used for material that's cut and polished for decorative purposes.  Occasionally cut into gemstones it can be translucent to opaque and is sometimes mistaken for rainbow (white) moonstone although it doesn't exhibit iridescence.  Snow quartz is more widely used for tumbled stones and ornamental carvings.

Chevron amethyst also known as banded amethyst (mostly in the UK) is a variety of quartz made up of amethyst and snow quartz.  These stones feature distinctive chevron-like markings hence the name.

Our snow quartz tumbled stones are available in small and medium sizes.


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Weight Range (grams) : 2.3 - 8.5 
Size Range (cms) : 1.5 - 2.6




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