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collection of rose quartz tumbled stonesRose Quartz Tumbled Stones | Stone Mania
collection of rose quartz tumbled stones
six rose quartz tumbled stones in a circle with a seventh in the middle
a line of three rose quartz crystals

Rose Quartz Crystals

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Rose Quartz Gorgeously Pink


Rose quartz tumbled stones beautifully finished and a firm favourite with mineral collectors and those interested in crystal healing.  A pink variety of the mineral quartz that's widely used as a lapidary material, rose quartz is relatively hard and exhibits a vitreous lustre which contributes to its popularity as gemstone.  

The varying shades of pink that can be seen in rose quartz have long been considered to be caused by impurities of iron, manganese and titanium but a study in recent years cast doubt on whether these elements are the sole cause of the stone's colour. During the 1990's the study concluded that the pink colouration may actually be caused by microscopic inclusions of a pink borosilicate mineral related to the mineral dumortierite. The fibres that were discovered were subsequently named dididumortierite.

Like most varieties of quartz this stone often exhibits a degree of translucency and when used as a gemstone, it tends to be cut as a cabochon.  Faceted rose quartz can often have cloudy appearance which is the reason why stones are usually polished as cabochons.  

Rose quartz tumbled crystals are popular for use in alternative therapies such as crystal healing and are mostly used for matters of the heart, tranquility and beauty.  Well known as a stone of unconditional love, rose quartz is a great companion for those who enjoy the quieter side of life and with it being a stone of the heart that's incredibly soothing, it's perfect to use for meditation.  

Our rose quartz healing crystals range in size from small to large but exact weights and sizes do vary slightly from piece to piece.

Drop by our page on Flickr to see an original full sized photo of these rose quartz crystals

Empathic warrior crystals are stones which have at some point in time sustained some kind of damage, usually a chip or fracture.  With rocks and minerals having evolved over millions of years we do not believe in throwing stones away because of minor damage so instead offer them for sale at a significantly reduced price.  Empathic warrior crystals are not always available and should this be the case, a refund will be issued before remaining items in the order are processed.  For more information read our article on empathic warrior crystals


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Weight (grams) : 3 - 15
Size (cms) : 2 - 3




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