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large cluster of quartz featuring different sized terminated pointsQuartz Cluster | Stone Mania
large cluster of quartz featuring different sized terminated points
large cluster of quartz featuring different sized terminated points
underside of a large cluster of quartz

Quartz Cluster

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May the Quartz Be With You!


Fantastic quartz crystal cluster weighing in at 2½ kilos and featuring over 32 different sized terminated points. Sadly as with many quartz formations it was quite difficult to photograph because this type of quartz is translucent and lacks colour which makes it difficult for the eye of the camera to pick up any detail.  All of the terminated points in this quartz cluster catch the light beautifully at almost every angle.

In crystal healing quartz is considered to be one of the most powerful of all stones and the energy generated from a large cluster is proportional to the number of points present. Quartz can also be used to activate, cleanse and re-energize other natural minerals. When placed in a room a quartz cluster will introduce energy into the environment as well as peace and harmony but if your interest lies more in mineralogy than crystal healing, this is a formation that you'll love having as part of your collection especially if you're fond of quartz.

On the underside of this quartz mineral there are more tiny terminated points and the base is full of minute sparkling crystals.

Please bear in mind when placing your order that the weight of this large quartz cluster will affect the price of postage.

Weight (kg's) : 2.5
Size (cms) : 25 x 13.7 x 10.7




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