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chunky rose quartz gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silverRose Quartz Pendant | Stone Mania
chunky rose quartz gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
chunky rose quartz gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
chunky rose quartz gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver

Rose Quartz Pendant

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Pink Variety of the Mineral Quartz


  • Chunky rose quartz pendant

  • Mounted in timeless sterling silver

  • From our collection of jewellery on sale

  • May be worn on a slightly thicker style of chain


A stunning rose quartz gemstone pendant crafted in a hand-made sterling silver setting.  This large and chunky cabochon boasts exceptional colour, a vitreous lustre and being translucent means that when held up towards the light it becomes even more magical.  The reason this rose quartz pendant has been included in our jewellery sale is because there are some minor polishing which can only really be seen with careful inspection.  It's an eye-catching piece of jewellery that will undoubtedly be enjoyed by those who love wearing magnificent crystals.

Rose quartz is a unique mineral that's been the subject of debate for many years because scientists are not entirely certain what causes its colour.  The most popular theory is that microscopic inclusions of the mineral dumortierite are largely responsible however it has never been proven conclusively. 

Rose quartz has long been considered to be a stone of unconditional love and in the metaphysical world is considered to be the most important crystal for healing of the heart.  Stones are used for relaxation and tranquility and are often given to someone special as a token of love.

This stunning rose quartz pendant comes in a colourful gift pouch that will help keep the stone safe and minimise any build up of tarnish on the sterling silver.   

Weight (grams) : 42.6
Size (cms) : 4.5 x 3.6 x 1.5




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