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cluster of terminated black quartz pointsBlack Quartz Cluster | Stone Mania
cluster of terminated black quartz points
cluster of terminated black quartz points

Black Quartz Cluster

Product Code: BLQZCS



Magical Black Quartz Cluster


Black quartz cluster featuring several terminated points which have grown in different directions.  Ranging in size from a few millimetres up to four centimetres, they're mostly tranlucent and all have a vitreous lustre.

Despite quartz being one of the most common minerals on Earth, clusters like this still continue to amaze and fascinate us.  This impressive black quartz mineral comes from the Ouachita (wosh-i-taw) and Ozark mountains which stretch from West Central Arkansas to Southeastern Texas in the United States. The rock matrix on the underside of the quartz is full of minute sparkling crystals.

Weight (grams) : 133.5
Size (cms) : 9.5 x 5.3 x 4.8




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