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Highly polished blue coloured massage wand crafted from the mineral sodaliteSodalite Massage Wand | Stone Mania

Sodalite Crystal Wand

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Polished Sodalite Crystal Wand


Beautifully polished sodalite massage wand, a tactile and attractive piece ideal for use in massage therapy or crystal healing.

Sodalite is a royal blue coloured mineral that's often included with orange and/or white calcite. It's not particularly well known hence is sometimes confused for lapis lazuli however unlike this blue coloured metamorphic rock it's never included with iron pyrite.

One of the very few minerals to be used for anything other than as a lapidary material, sodalite is often cut as a gemstone and because it's opaque tends to be polished as a cabochon.  Sodalite tumbled stones are also very popular and can be found in different sizes and with several different colours.

Although mostly used by massage therapists and crystal healers, massage wands can also be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys handling polished minerals. A massage wand is believed to impart the energy of the respective stone and the process helps with relaxation, stress and muscle tension.

Weight (grams) : 78.2
Size (cms) : 12.4 x 2.1 > 1.4




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