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three pinkish red coloured rhodochrosite stonesRhodochrosite Stones | Stone Mania
three pinkish red coloured rhodochrosite stones
three pinkish red coloured rhodochrosite stones

Rhodochrosite Stones

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Pinkish Red Rhodochrosite Stones


Two eye-catching polished rhodochrosite stones from our exciting collection of rocks and minerals.  These pieces are being sold separately so choose the one that you'd like before proceeding to checkout.  The piece on the left is number 1 in the dropdown list.

Rhodochrosite is a colourful mineral and one that's widely used as a lapidary material.  It is however relatively soft so must be handled very carefully.  On Mohs scale of mineral hardness it grades just 3½ - 4.

Some of the finest rhodochrosite ever to have been found comes from the Sweet Home Mine in Colorado  which sadly is now closed.  The largest crystal in the world which is on display in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is believed to be around thirty million years old and is called the Alma King.

Most of the world's commercial grade rhodochrosite comes from South America.  Gemmy grade stones are relatively rare hence are not generally used for jewellery. 




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