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rainbow fluorite terminated crystal
rainbow fluorite terminated crystal
rainbow fluorite terminated crystal
rainbow fluorite terminated crystal

Rainbow Fluorite Crystal

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Weight (grams) : 47.4
Size (cms) : 6.1 x 2.1
Product Code: FLXT1



Fascinating Rainbow Fluorite Point


The true beauty of rainbow fluorite is best appreciated when this translucent crystal is illuminated.  Although the colours in our photograph have not been enhanced, the crystal is surrounded by lights. 

This beautiful rainbow fluorite terminated point does initially appear to be a little dull but with the addition of light Mother Nature's artwork can be enjoyed in all its glory.  It's important to note however that colour in this mineral is sensitive to sunlight so will gradually fade to colourless if exposed for long periods of time.  An ideal home would be in an illuminated display cabinet.  Never be tempted to place fluorite crystals on or close to a sunny window sill for any length of time.

Google "the world's most colourful mineral" and fluorite will appear in the search results every time.  Given this name for good reason, fluorite can occur as a single coloured mineral or with distinctive zones of colour within the same crystal.  These stones tend to be known as rainbow fluorite.  Colour is determined by a number of factors but primarily impurities present in the crystal structure and exposure to radiation.

Used extensively in industry this colourful mineral has many different uses and is beginning to attract interest from investors in commodities such as gold, silver, copper and lithium.  In industry it's known as fluorspar where it's used in the manufacture of chemicals, aluminium and steel. The name applies to fluorite that has been mined for calcium fluoride and has been treated to improve its properties.  Fluorite is a naturally occurring mineral composed of 51.1% calcium and 48.9% fluorine.

Fluorite is soft and fragile so must be handled carefully.  Position these crystals somewhere they won't get knocked or damaged because they will chip or fracture very easily.  For this reason it's not unusual for crystals to have minor chips or indentations.  With that said every fluorite crystal in our collection has been individually and meticulously chosen by one of our team.




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