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rainbow calsilica polished stone
rainbow calsilica polished stone
rainbow calsilica stone
square shaped rainbow calsilica stone

Rainbow Calsilica Stone

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Weight (grams) : 36.9
Size (cms) : 5 x 4.9 x 0.9
Product Code: OORV


Large Rainbow Calsilica Stone


An unusually large rainbow calsilica stone polished on top and around the edges.  The bottom this cabochon shaped stone has only been very lightly polished. 

Rainbow calsilica is a colourful man-made material that was introduced to the world some years ago as a natural stone from Chihuahua in Mexico.  After being closely analysed, geologists confirmed although natural materials were present it definitely wasn't a naturally occurring stone.  

The story of rainbow calsilica is curious and fascinating and as far as we're aware, the people behind its production have never been identified.  Supplies are still widely available and the material is mostly used for lapidary purposes.

This rainbow calsilica cabochon was cut for Stone Mania from a larger rough piece of stone at a time when we were still uncertain exactly it was.

The full story of rainbow calsilica including how and when it was introduced to the world can be found in the Articles and Photos section of our website.






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