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free standing ocean jasper stone Ocean Jasper | Stone Mania
free standing ocean jasper stone
free standing ocean jasper stone
free standing ocean jasper stone

Ocean Jasper

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Large Chunk of Ocean Jasper


Ocean jasper is a relatively rare natural stone found only on the island of Madagascar. Although long believed to be a variety of orbicular jasper new research suggests that it could actually be from the family of minerals known as chalcedony.  The reason behind this assumption is because jasper rarely exhibits any degree of translucency and some ocean jasper stones have been found to be slightly translucent.

Following its initial discovery in the 1950's, there was no further mention of Ocean Jasper until the year 2000 when it turned up at the world famous Tucson Mineral Fair in the United States. Just six years later and the stone was already almost completely mined out.  Although more gem grade material was subsequently discovered in different parts of the island, those too have now also dried up.

This lightly polished chunk of ocean jasper is every bit as beautiful as it appears in our photo. Full of minute sparkling crystals which can be seen as it catches the light at certain angles, it's free-standing and the bottom of the stone has been angled so that it tilts back very slightly which enables the face to be fully appreciated.

Ocean jasper of this size and grade is extremely difficult to find and with the mines in Madagascar being largely depleted, prices have risen dramatically in recent years.

Weight (grams) : 480
Size (cms) : 9 x 8.4 x 3.4




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