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part polished labradorite rockLabradorite | Stone Mania
part polished labradorite rock
part polished labradorite rock
part polished labradorite rock


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Naturally Iridescent Labradorite Stone


Labradorite is a well known variety of the mineral feldspar whose name is derived from the location where the rock was first discovered.  Labrador is the most easterly province of Canada and is situated on the country's Atlantic coast.

Labradorite is a fascinating mineral that was first discovered in 1770.  Good quality stone exhibits a spectrum of colours that become visible as light interacts with its crystals but to really be appreciated, it needs to be moved around gently in good light. In the finest grades of labradorite peacock blues, lush greens and various shades of red and gold can be seen.  Capturing these colours in a photograph can however be challenging.

This optical phenomenon which is correctly known as labradorescence or schiller can be seen on the both the polished and unpolished sides of this rock but only as light reflects at certain angles.  The colours which can be seen in our photo have not been enhanced and were captured at the time the photo was taken.  Sadly our photo really doesn't do this piece the justice that it truly deserves. 

Weight (grams) : 506
Size (cms) : 12 x 6.7 x 3.1




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