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collection of large chevron amethyst polished stonesChevron Amethyst Stones | Stone Mania
collection of large chevron amethyst polished stones
collection of large chevron amethyst polished stones

Chevron Amethyst Crystals

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Large Chevron Amethyst Crystals


Beautiful chevron amethyst polished stones ideal for collectors or use in crystal healing.  These minerals were originally designed to be massage wands so are flat on one side which means they sit securely without wobbling around.

The name chevron amethyst comes from the stone's chevron-like markings and although not quite as well known as the all purple variety, it's an eye-catching mineral that's widely used for lapidary purposes.  The white sections which are milky quartz are an extreme example of colour zoning which is fairly common in the mineral amethyst.  Different shades and hues of the colour purple are often present within a single crystal.

These large chevron amethyst stones are not gemstones so minor anomalies have not been polished out.  They originate from South Africa and each piece was carefully chosen by one of our team.

Both photos were taken in natural daylight without using any additional lighting.

Choose the stone that you'd like from the dropdown list before proceeding to checkout. The chevron amethyst crystal in the twelve o'clock position is number one, numbers then continue clockwise ending with seven which is in the centre.

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