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Vibrant Yellow Coloured Bumblebee Jasper

Bumblebee jasper is a wonderfully distinctive and relatively rare stone which comes from the vicinity of Mount Papandayan in West Java.  Although there are many descriptions online of what this stone is believed to be, many are not quite accurate.  Furthermore it's also widely reported that it comes from Mount Papandayan but according to experts, it's extremely rare to find limestone inside or adjacent to a volcano.  The most likely likely reason for the area being associated with bumblebee jasper is because it's a significant landmark not far from where the stone is found.  

Scientific analysis of bumblebee jasper has revealed that it's limestone made up primarily of calcite which means it's a sedimentary rock.  The layers are believed to be made up of volcanic ash, mud and sulphur which is the primary cause of its vibrant yellow colour.  The sulphur is believed to contain the mineral realgar which is an arsenic sulphide.  The laboratory report confirms that it is high in sulphur and arsenic although it has been declared to be completely safe to handle.  With that said, it would be a bad idea to put bumblebee jasper into your mouth or to use it as an elixir.  Extreme caution must be taken however when cutting and polishing the stone.

Known locally as batu badar belerang which roughly translates to coal becoming sulphur, it was given the name bumblebee jasper by an American rock and mineral enthusiast who came across the stone whilst working in Indonesia.  Having shipped some material back to vendors in the USA its popularity quickly grew.

Calling the stone a jasper is far from accurate because jasper is associated with quartz and there's no quartz present in this material.  Some now refer to bumblebee jasper as an agate but that too is inaccurate because agate from a geological perspective is similar to jasper.

Bumblebee jasper is certainly an eye-catching material and when used for cabochons it has acquired the name Eclipse or Eclipse Stone.  This name originated in Jaipur in India where a significant amount of the world's cabochons are cut and polished.  Another example of a stone that was named locally by stone cutters in Jaipur is Star Galaxy Jasper which outside of India is known as Kambaba Jasper.

Due to the popularity of bumblebee jasper in recent years, huge amounts have been mined so there's now very little fine grade material left available.

The polished bumblebee jasper stones that we currently have available are beautiful pieces that will certainly stand out in any collection of rocks and minerals.  The stone is quite soft so must be handled carefully.

If you're interested in reading more about bumblebee jasper and seeing the lab' report from the analysis that was carried out, just follow either of our links below.  Both make interesting reading.



bumblebee jasper stone from Indonesia.
Weight (grams) : 47.3
Size (cms) : 5.9 x 3.5 x 2
rich yellow coloured bumblebee jasper stone
Weight (grams) : 49.1
Size (cms) : 4.6 x 3.8 x 2.3
yellow bumblebee jasper stone
Weight (grams) : 74.6
Size (cms) : 5.9 x 3.3 x 2.5

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