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polished bumblebee jasper stone
polished bumblebee jasper stone
polished bumblebee jasper stone
polished bumblebee jasper stone
polished bumblebee jasper stone

Bumblebee Jasper

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Weight (grams) : 143.1
Size (cms) : 6.3 x 3.3 x 3.8
Product Code: BUBJ



Polished Bumblebee Jasper Stone


Bumblebee jasper is a natural rock whose vibrant yellow colour is caused by the presence of sulphur.  A distinctive and highly sought after material that's becoming rarer by the day due to the fact that it can only be found in the vicinity of Mount Papandayan on the volcanic island of Java in Indonesia.  Furthermore most of the mining areas are now depleted meaning there is virtually no gem grade material left available.  This sedimentary rock is made up of volcanic ash, mud and layers of sulfur which is known to contain realgar which is an arsenic sulphide.  Once polished stones are completely safe to handle although it's probably best to avoid putting any of this material in your mouth.   

Bumblebee jasper is a variety of jasper which some may also know as Eclipse Stone.  This trade name which originated in India is generally used for stones that have been cut as cabochons with the intention of being used in the jewellery trade.

This highly polished bumblebee jasper stone is a beautiful piece that's also fascinatingly tactile.  Like all of the rocks and minerals in our collection it was meticulously chosen by one of our team during one of our many trips to Asia.




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