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polished slice of the mineral black tigers eye Black Tigers Eye | Stone Mania
polished slice of the mineral black tigers eye
polished slice of the mineral black tigers eye

Black Tigers Eye

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Superb Black Tigers Eye Slice


Black tigers eye is the same mineral as yellow tigers eye but the blackened appearance is caused by heating the stone.  When exposed to heat tigers eye can also be transformed into a deep reddish brown colour but this red variety does not retain the optical phenomenon known as chatoyance.

Although not particularly apparent in our photos, this black tigers eye mineral has been lightly polished and exhibits subtle chatoyance as it's gently moved back and forth in good light.  Chatoyance which can be seen in a number of different minerals is particularly well known for its presence in tigers eye and also chrysoberyl.  The "movement" is caused as light reflects off crystals within the stone and the amount that can be seen varies greatly from one stone to the next.  Take a look at our clip on Instagram and you'll see the chatoyance in this piece.

A wonderfully tactile mineral that makes a great display piece but it's worth mentioning that it doesn't stand up on its own so will need to be supported or be placed on a small stand.

Weight (grams) : 56.9
Size (cms) : 9.2 x 5.8 x 0.8




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