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oval shaped amazonite polished mineral Amazonite | Crystals Rocks Minerals
oval shaped amazonite polished mineral
oval shaped amazonite polished mineral

Amazonite Crystal

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Highly Polished Amazonite Stone


Amazonite is a variety of the mineral feldspar that's often relatively easy to identify because of its distinctive colour and markings. Although it can exhibit slight chatoyance, this optical phenomenon is best seen in tigers eye, chrysoberyl and some coloured varieties of moonstone.

Only blue-green varieties of the mineral microcline are known as amazonite.  This soft pastel coloured mineral also goes by the name of Amazon Stone but ironically it cannot be found anywhere near the Amazon basin in Brazil.  It's believed to have been confused with another similar looking mineral but having been classified the name was never changed. 

This beautifully polished oval shaped amazonite mineral fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and is incredibly tactile.  According to Judy Hall's Crystal Bible, amazonite crystals help maintain optimum health and are particularly beneficial for musicians and writers.

Drop by our page on the photo sharing platform Flickr and see the photo of this amazonite crystal in its original size. 

Weight (grams) : 96.7
Size (cms) : 5.4 in diameter x 2.7




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