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reddish coloured polished agate pebbleAgate Pebble | Stone Mania
reddish coloured polished agate pebble
reddish coloured polished agate pebble
reddish coloured polished agate pebble

Agate Stone

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Colourful Agate from South Africa


A unique and exceptionally colourful agate stone carefully chosen by one of the team at Stone Mania.

The history of agate which is one of the oldest of all minerals can be traced back more than two thousand years. Being a relatively hard stone makes it ideal as a lapidary material and historically as well as being used as a talisman, agate was also used for seals, containers, beads and gemstones.

Colours and markings can vary greatly from one stone to the next which further contributes to the stone's popularity.  Agate is a transparent to opaque variety of chalcedony.that's made up almost entirely of silicon dioxide which is basically quartz.  Despite being known for its exceptional colours, in its purest form the mineral agate is actually colourless. 

A highly polished eye-catching agate stone that's sure to stand out in any collection of polished rocks and minerals. 
Weight (grams) : 113.9
Size (cms) : 6.2 x 5.9 x 2.8




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