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slice of polished petrified wood Petrified Wood | Stone Mania
slice of polished petrified wood
slice of polished petrified wood
slice of polished petrified wood
slice of polished petrified wood
slice of polished petrified wood

Petrified Wood

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Polished Petrified Wood Slice


A beautiful piece of petrified wood from South Africa carefully chosen for our collection by one of the team at Stone Mania. 

Petrified wood is a natural mineral that formed through a process known as petrifaction.  The word originates from Ancient Greek and literally means "wood turned into stone".  As trees in ancient forests died they often fell into riverbeds or floodplains and were then buried under sediment or volcanic ash.  Silica dissolved by water then seeped into the organic matter filling cavities and when the water dried up the minerals that were left behind gradually crystallised as quartz.

The replacement of plant tissue with natural minerals in some petrified wood has been so precise that both the internal structure and external shape of the original log has been accurately reproduced. Petrified wood is unique and no two pieces are ever the same and specimens can date back more than 200 million years.

This petrified wood mineral has been very lightly polished on the back but is highly polished on the front.  There's a small section missing from the edge of the slice which can been seen in our photos if you look at the ten to twelve position.  The section has been smoothed and polished so was clearly lost prior to the mineral being worked on.  The third photo is actually the back of the mineral.

Search petrified wood to see the full collection of this unique stone that have available for sale.    

Weight (grams) : 218.6
Size (cms) : 15 x 12.7 x 0.6




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