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large polished kambaba jasper stoneKambaba Jasper | Stone Mania
large polished kambaba jasper stone
polished kambaba jasper stone from Madagascar
polished kabamba jasper stone, a volcanic rock from Madagascar

Kambaba Jasper Stone

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Kambaba Stone Igneous Rock


Kambaba jasper is a distinctive stone from the African island of Madagascar.  Despite its name, being volcanic means that from a geological perspective it's not a jasper at all.  A more accurate name for this material would be kambaba stone.  On the subject of names, this unique material is also known as crocodile jasper, green stromatolite jasper and star galaxy jasper although the latter was created by stone cutters in Jaipur in India where many of the world's gemstones are cut and polished. 
Locally in Madagascar kambaba is also sometimes referred to as kabamba after the area in the Bongolava region of the island where it's mined. 

This large polished kambaba stone is a superb piece of rock with an exceptionally smooth texture.  When used for its metaphysical properties kambaba is ideal for those looking for peace and tranquility in today's busy world.  Its orbs and deep swirling patterns work to remove blockages in the heart and base chakras whilst also helping to dispel worry and negativity.  Ideal for those looking for a burst of positivity, kambaba stone guides, encourages and opens the mind to new ideas and concepts. The clarity that it brings can help us to be more open and honest with ourselves so that we can move forwards with confidence.

For more in depth information on this relatively rare material from a geological perspective, take a look at our page in the Articles and Photos section of our website.  

Weight (grams) : 154.4
Size (cms) : 5.5 x 5.3 x 3.6




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