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green fluorite crystal
green fluorite crystal
green fluorite crystal
green fluorite crystal

Green Fluorite Crystal

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Weight (grams) : 29.6
Size (cms) : 3.5 x 3 x 1.1
Product Code: GKKG


Translucent Green Fluorite


Highly translucent polished green fluorite from our collection of crystals rocks and minerals.  A wonderfully tactile cushion shaped stone with soft rounded edges.  This stone was cut from material mined in Riemvasmaak in the Northern Cape of South Africa.

Fluorite is often referred to as the world's most colourful mineral because it occurs in such a wide variety of different colours.  In its purest form fluorite is colourless but traces of other minerals and exposure to heat through radiation brings about a change in colour.

Although hues of yellow, green, blue and purple are the most common, fluorite can also be white, blue, red or brown. Crystals are usually transparent or translucent and have a vitreous lustre which means they reflect light in a similar to way to glass.

Fluorite is a relatively soft and fragile mineral so stones must be handled with care.  It's not unusual for crystals to have small internal fractures.   

More information about fluorite can be found in the Articles and Photos section of our website.






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