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single chevron amethyst polished stone
single chevron amethyst polished stone
single chevron amethyst polished stone

Chevron Amethyst Polished Stone

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Weight (grams) : 81.6
Size (cms) : 5.2 x 4.4 x 2.7
Product Code: CCVB



Chevron Amethyst aka Banded Amethyst


Lightly polished chevron amethyst with one flat side so that it can if required, be used as a massage wand.  This subtly translucent stone which has striking colour and markings was individually chosen during one of our many trips to South Africa. 

Although often known in the UK as banded amethyst, this mineral is more widely known as chevron amethyst because of its chevron-like markings.  The white sections which are milky quartz are an extreme example of colour zoning which is common in the mineral amethyst.  Different shades and hues of purple can often be present within a single crystal.

One thing definitely worth remembering about all kinds of amethyst is that it fades or changes colour if exposed to heat or UV light for any length of time.  If using crystals for their metaphysical properties and want to recharge them, do not be tempted to leave amethyst in the sun because it wil fade or change colour.  Depending on the temperature or brightness, some crystals can lose colour colour in as little as an hour.  On the same note, amethyst shouldn't be placed on a sunny window sill or close to a source of heat.




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