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small terminated amethyst crystalBrandberg Amethyst Crystal | Stone Mania
small terminated amethyst crystal
small amethyst crystal with terminated point

Amethyst (Brandberg)

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Brandberg Amethyst Crystal


Brandberg amethyst crystal from Namibia.  This variety of amethyst actually comes from the Goboboseb Mountains and not from the Brandberg Mountain as its name suggests but it's widely referred to as Brandberg amethyst.  This spectacular mineral boasts tantalising colour but sadly our photos don't really do it the justice that it deserves.  Additional photographs can be seen on our Flikr page and also on Instagram and are definitely worth looking at.

This highly translucent Brandberg amethyst crystal has a smaller twin on its back which can be seen in the photos on Flikr and Instagram.  It's a special piece which you'll love having as part of your collection but remember the purple colouration in amethyst is delicate so stones must be kept out of the sunlight.

Amethyst the purple variety of the mineral quartz is the birthstone for the month of February.
Weight (grams) : 19.8
Size (cms) : 4 x 2.2 x 1.4




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