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polished larimar stone
polished larimar stone
polished larimar stone
larimar gemstone
polished larimar stone

Larimar Stone

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Weight (grams) : 21.2
Size (cms) : 3.5 x 2.8 x 0.9
Product Code: LLLM


Rare Larimar Polished Stone


Larimar is a rare and beautiful gemstone that's cut from the mineral blue pectolite.  Found only in the Dominican Republic, stones exhibit tantalizing shades of blue and white.  Only a small amount is exported whilst the vast majority is sold within the Dominican Republic often in places frequented by tourists.  Stones generally tend to be quite small and are mostly used in items of jewellery. 

This larimar stone is highly polished on the top and around the sides whilst the base which is flat, is lightly polished.  A chunky piece that's a good size, it could certainly be used to create a piece of jewellery or could also just be enjoyed as part of a collection of polished rocks and minerals.

More information about the gemstone larimar can be found in the Articles and Photos section of our website.






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