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The cabochon gemstones featured in this section of our website were all carefully chosen by Stone Mania for the purpose of being transformed into gemstone pendants but did not end up being used.  Once the cabochons that we wish to use in our collection have been chosen they are then screened for a second time prior to being mounted into their sterling silver setting. The reason for doing this is to inspect each stone more closely for anomalies or polishing issues which may have been missed the first time around and although some stones in this section were identified as requiring some additional polishing, the work was not carried out.  Where applicable this has been highlighted in the individual listing.  It should be noted that polishing issues almost always affect the sides of the stone so depending on how it's going to be used/mounted, it may not actually be necessary.  

When browsing our collection of cabochon gemstones please read measurements carefully because weights and sizes of individual stones may vary from one piece to the next.  We have tried to keep prices as competitive as possible therefore are not able to offer discounts on multiple purchases.



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Lapis Lazuli Cabochon

Product Code: FBTY

Moonstone Pendant

Product Code: MTTL

Turquoise Cabochon

Product Code: TDVC

Lapis Lazuli Cabochons

Product Code: LLCB

Tiger Iron Cabochons

Product Code: TICB

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