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lapis lazuli polished cabochon
lapis lazuli polished cabochon

Lapis Lazuli

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Rich blue coloured lapis lazuli gemstone polished as a cabochon hence it's suited for use in an item of jewellery.  Known around the world for its unmistakable rich blue colour, lapis lazuli has been known to man for thousands of years and was inlaid into the funerary mask of Tutankhamun. One of the most recognisable objects from the Ancient Egyptian king's tomb, the mask was crafted in gold and also featured calcite, carnelian, feldspar, quartz and obsidian.

Although lapis lazuli is often referred to as a mineral, it's not a mineral in its own right and is instead made up of several different minerals including, lazurite, calcite and iron pyrite.  It is in fact a blue coloured metamorphic rock which occurs in only a few locations worldwide.

This polished lapis lazuli gemstone is subtly included with speckles of iron pyrite and is one of only a small number of lapis cabochons that we currently have available.

Weight (grams): 6.3
Size (cms): 3.3 x 2.1 x 0.4




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