single blue coloured lapis lazuli cabochonLapis Lazuli Cabochon | Stone Mania
single blue coloured lapis lazuli cabochon
single blue coloured lapis lazuli cabochon

Lapis Lazuli

Price: £4.99
Product Code: LLCB-3



A beautiful and wonderfully tactile lapis lazuli cabochon, flat on the bottom and gently rounded across the top.  It does have a hairline crack that can be seen on both sides of the stone but is stable and shows no signs of movement.  We believe polishing would reduce the appearance of this anomaly which at present can only be seen with careful examination.  We try not to discard stones unless they are clearly damaged especially a piece of this grade so this lapis lazuli cabochon gemstone is being offered for sale at a very low price in the hope that it can be transformed into something amazing.  Alternatively it could of course be used for the purpose of crystal healing.   

Weight (grams) : 14.6
Size (cms) : 3.3 x 3.2 x 0.9 



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