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three wooden photo frames against a blue textured background. The frames have images of amethyst, kyanite and rose quartz
four customer service icons
iridescent rough labradorite and a rough piece of blue lace agate. Text under photos says The Rough Stuff
malachite and bumblebee jasper with text that reads The Smoothies
two colourless quartz formations with text reading Shop Quartz Crystals
nephrite jade tumbled crystals
nephrite jade tumbled crystals
eight nephrite jade tumbled stones
three canadian jade tumbled stones

20 Nephrite Jade

Buy 20 Nephrite (Canadian) Jade Crystals Save 20%
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nephrite jade tumbled crystals
Buy 10 Nephrite (Canadian) Jade Crystals Save 10%
nephrite jade tumbled crystals
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nephrite jade tumbled crystals
Reduced because of an imperfection

four necklace pendants with different gemstones. Mounted in sterling silver.

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