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Shungite tumbled stones imported by Stone Mania directly from Karelia in Russia which is the only place in the world where this mineraloid is found.  A rare form of carbon that contains fullerene, shungite is the only molecular form of carbon hence it's highly sought after for use in alternative therapies such as crystal healing because it's believed to have numerous curative powers.

Believed to be around two billion years old, shungite tumbled stones have an unusual and distinctive texture and are surprisingly light weight.  It's a material that's still relatively unknown primarily because it can only be found in one location in Russia.  For this reason stones can also be quite expensive. 

Shungite is correctly classified as a mineraloid not a mineral because it lacks a crystalline structure.  Other examples of mineraloids include obsidian which is volcanic glass, pearl, moldavite which is a tektite and amber to name just a few.   

Tumbled shungite is a slightly lower grade material than elite shungite hence it's also less expensive.  These stones come in a few different shapes and sizes and exhibit a dull lustre.  This means the shungite does not reflect light in the same way as the elite variety whose surface is described as vitreous.  Minerals (or mineraloids) which exhibit a vitreous lustre reflect light in a simlar way to glass.  

Elite shungite is the finest grade available but is not used for tumbling.  Stones are either sold individually or carved into a variety of objects including spheres and figurines. Elite shungite is sold by weight, it's considerably more expensive than tumbled stones but is believed to contain a higher percentage of carbon.

It's quite difficult to give measurements for our shungite tumbled stones due to them being different shapes and sizes so we have only given weights.  Please note that these do vary slightly from piece to piece.

Weight Range (grams) : 4 - 7 (medium) 8 - 11 (large)




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