yellow coloured mookaite pebble highly polishedMookaite Pebble | Stone Mania
yellow coloured mookaite pebble highly polished
yellow coloured mookaite pebble highly polished

Mookaite Pebble

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Mookaite Polished Stone



Highly polished rich yellow coloured mookaite pebble, this surprisingly tactile stone will certainly add some colour to any collection of rocks and minerals.

Mookaite is a trade name for windalia radiolarite, a colourful rock that can only be found in one location in Western Australia.  Although other varieties of radiolarite can be found around the world windalia can only be found in an area called Mooka Creek after which the stone was named.

Understanding the difference between crystals rocks and minerals can be confusing and although Mookaite is often described as a mineral, it is in fact a rock.  Rocks are made up of a variety of different minerals whereas minerals are made up of crystals.  Mookaite is an Australian variety of jasper that's made up primarily of the minerals quartz and/or chalcedony but also features a number of other minerals and substances which is why it cannot in itself be described as a mineral.   

Weight (grams) :  161.2
Size (cms) : 6.7 x 5.1 x 3.6