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large chunk of unakite rock
large chunk of unakite rock
large chunk of unakite rock

Unakite Stone

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Polished Unakite Rock



This hefty piece of unakite caught our eye as soon as we saw it.  Boasting exceptional colour and weighing in at slightly over two kilos, it will certainly stand out in any collection of rocks and minerals. 

Unakite which is a type of granite is a relatively hard stone which grades 6 to 7 on Mohs scale  of mineral hardness.  Well known for its distinctive colour, it's a popular lapidary material and the finest grade stones tend to be cut as cabochons.

Named after the Unaka range of mountains in the USA where it was first discovered, unakite can also be found in Brazil, South Africa and China.  This striking piece of unakite comes from South Africa.

In order to stand upright this chunk of unakite will need to be supported from behind or be placed on a stand.    

Weight (grams) : 1002 (1.02 kg)
Size : (cms) : 13.1 x 11.4 x 5.6