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Blue Apatite

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Blue Apatite Stones



Rough blue apatite from our collection of crystals rocks and minerals.  The stones in our photograph are currently the only pieces of blue apatite that we have available.  Choose the size and weight of the piece that you'd like from the dropdown list before proceeding to checkout.  

Apatite is a relatively common mineral which can be found in small quantities in igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.  It's the same material as calcium phosphate which can be found in bones and tooth enamel.  A relatively soft stone it grades 5 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness and is in fact the index mineral for this level of hardness.

Although it occurs in various colours, blue and green coloured apatite are the most common.  Being fragile and brittle means that it's not particularly suitable as a gemstone but very fine specimens can occasionally be found and tend to be faceted.  Lower grade stones however will normally be cut as cabochons.