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Large upright standing amethyst geode
large amethyst geode from brazil

Amethyst Geode

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Amethyst Quartz Geode



The rich purple colour seen in this large amethyst geode is really quite impressive.  Mined in Brazil it boasts large translucent crystals and is a piece of quartz that any mineral collector would be proud to have as part of their collection.

Amethyst which is the birthstone for February is the purple variety of the mineral quartz whose colour is caused primarily by trace impurities of iron.  The presence of the chemical element manganese is responsible for determining the specific shade of colour which can vary considerably from one piece of amethyst to the next.

Geode's come in many shapes and sizes but the larger stones always attract the most attention.  It's important to be aware however that the purple colouration of amethyst crystals can fade it exposed to bright sunlight for long periods of time so it's always best to keep the stones in your collection well away from direct sunlight.  

Weight (kg's) : 2.6
Size (cms) : 22.5 x 17 x 3.7